Kuwait Nutrition Union

About KUN

What is a union?

A union is an organization that brings together a group of workers or business owners who have a common interest or purpose, who come together to achieve shared goals and serve people within their field. A union is governed by an internal system set based on the objectives, rights and duties of its members. In short, the Kuwait nutrition union serves people working in the field of nutrition in both the public and private sectors in the State of Kuwait and aims to improve the conditions of work within these areas.

What can we gain from the union?

Quite simply we hope to raise awareness on the rights of people working in the field of nutrition and explain their duties, as well as give them the freedom to express their opinion and contribute in creating a work policy along with conserving the nutrition profession and progressing it into the future. Members of the Kuwait nutrition union would be able to benefit from a list of offers and services provided by the union.

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Union Membership

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Union Goals

  • To raise the scientific, professional and cultural level of all workers in the field of nutrition

  • Improve the level of income, which helps them to feel stable and cope with increasing living costs.

  • Work to demonstrate their vital role in raising awareness of society.

  • Work on raising the level of the labor movement in Kuwait, which is considered as part of it.

  • Represent the nutrition workers in front of all civil and official bodies, whether at the local, Arab or international level

Board of Directors

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Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science from Kuwait University (2007). Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and Public Health from University College ...


Jumana Alkandari


Bsc in nutrition science ...


Mariam Bin Rajab

Vice President

Secretary ...


Hayat Al-Sayegh


Treasurer ...


Dana Al-Ghadoori